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Teach me how to play soccer: Attacking Techniques and Positioning

Teach me how to play soccer. Learning soccer is easy and enjoyable for any aspiring player. There are many available techniques on how to learn the sport. One of the most important aspects in learning the sport is the basic attacking techniques and proper positioning.

Basically there are three positions in attacking. These are the First Attacker, Second Attacker and the Third Attacker. The First Attacker is the player who holds the ball. This player is responsible in retaining the ball and aims to bring it as close as possible to the goal by dribbling, passing and shooting.

The Second Attackers are usually those players within a clear area where the First Attacker can safely pass the ball. These players must prevent at all cost any possibilities of losing possession of the ball. They have to help advance the ball forward until it reaches the goal.

The attackers must forward the ball away from the defenders until reaching a safe zone where scoring a goal is possible. The Second Attacker must be ready at all times and soon as the ball is moved in an area where it possible for a score, the Second Attacker must immediately switch to a defense position to keep possession of the ball. This technique aims to put a good shot either by the Second Attacker or First Attacker.

The Third Attacker on the other hand must distract the defense of the opponent by making deep runs to far area of the goal.

These techniques should be practiced so as to develop coordination from other team members and achieve the objective.

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