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Soccer Freestyle Benefits!

Soccer Freestyle Benefits
Though Freestyle Soccer is totally cool to do and watch, it also possesses a strong developmental aspect. This is especially true among today’s young soccer players.
• Ball Control
• Dexterity (foot and eye coordination etc.)
• Balance
• Positioning
• Increased Concentration
• Flexibility and Strength
• Confidence with the ball
• Anticipation (decision making)
• Motivation and Determination
• Swiftness (speed)

These are just a few of the key areas developed through doing Freestyle Soccer. Freestyle Soccer is out to develop the skills and ball control of all soccer players around the world. Kids start playing soccer religiously as soon as they can walk, when not on the field playing, they juggle the ball to improve their skills. Freestyle Soccer puts the fun into practicing. Start by doing one keep-up, then two, then three…once you can do ten, catch the ball between your knees (KNEE GRAB), bounce the ball off your heel (HEELCAKE), then without dropping the ball, pass the ball using the back of your knee (THE POP); the tricks go on and on. It may sound or look hard but with technique and practice, it will happen.

An important thing to remember is “If you are having fun then the results will come”!

Before you Begin!

What is Soccer Freestyle
Soccer Freestyle Benefits

Soccer Freestyle

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