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Offensive heading guide

Offensive heading is without a doubt a great skill for an attacker to possess. There are different ways to score using your head, depending on the situation. Below are some different techniques that can be used.

Heading 101.- Never make contact with the top of your head for a few reasons... 1: It hurts. Razz 2: It can cause problems such as concussions. 3: It is not as accurate (How can you see where the ball will go when your hitting it with the top of your head?) . Try to use your forehead when heading.

Redirecting the ball- Sometimes, especially if there is a hard corner-kick or cross, redirecting the ball is your best option. This involves contacting the ball at the correct angle to make it go where you want. The difference is, you don't try to "drive" your head through the ball, but simply hold your neck rigid and redirect the ball.

Step 1: Determine roughly where the ball will land.

Step 2: Get into a good, strong stance (we will assume you do not have to jump)

Step 3: When the ball comes, you will turn your shoulders (keeping your neck rigid).

Step 4: Just before making contact you may want to adjust whether you want the ball to go into the top or bottom part of the goal. To do this, you make contact on the top or bottom of the ball.

Step 5: Keep that neck rigid and direct the ball using your upper body.

Step 6: Celebrate that spectacular goal. Razz

Power Heading

Power Heading- Generally, if the ball is cross and is more of a lob pass, meaning the ball if travelling slower and has more of an arch on it. If this is the case, you will want to drive your head "through" the ball to get more power into it.

Step 1: Determine roughly where the ball will land.

Step 2: Get into a good, strong stance (we will assume you do not have to jump)

Step 3: Similarly to redirecting the ball, turn into a good position so you are more easily able to aim. Depending on where the ball is coming from, you may want to turn towards the goal, or stay so that your shoulders are square to the ball.

Step 4: As the ball comes in, you will want to bend your neck and upper body back slightly so you will be able to get more power behind it.

Step 5: When contact is made, thrust forward into the ball with your forehead going toward the place where you want the ball to go.

Step 6: Once again, celebrate.

Practicing Tips: Although it is difficult to practice heading without a partner, there are ways around it. Obviously, the easiest way to practice is to have a partner make crosses for you if you have a net, or even an open space. If you are practicing by yourself and you have a wall, you can kick the ball off the wall and pick a spot where you want to head it back to. You can adjust whether you want a high lob pass off the wall, or a lower and harder pass. If you don't have a wall, you can resort to throwing the ball up in the air, and heading as it comes back down.

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