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Quick Touch Program

If you follow these drills to the letter, you will see amazing improvement in mere weeks. If you are the kind of player who is trying to push yourself past the rest, this guide will do it! Follow these simple drills, at least 5 times a week, to enjoy your improvement!

A: Sole of foot
B:Upper outside
C:Lower outside
D:Upper inside
E:Lower inside
Also, for future reference (R) refers to right foot, and (L) refers to left foot.

Drill number 1:

Take the ball to a spot where it can bounce on the ground, i.e. concrete or brick, and bounce it on the ground as if you were going to juggle. As the ball comes down, hit it lightly up with one of the six major parts of your foot. Please experiment and become the friend of your foot. Many people say the ball is your friend, but in my opinion, the foot should be your friend. If you can learn your foot well enough, you will understand how to put the ball anywhere you want to. Anyways, once you have hit it, let it bounce on the ground once, then repeat. Do this for 10-15 minutes. Try your hardest to keep the ball in front of you. Your goal should be to never miss a touch, and to never have to chase the ball, or have it flip around you when you give it to much backspin. Do not substitute this for juggling. There is a very big difference between the two.

Drill Number 2:

Find a street curb. Do not use a wall, a street curb, or anything that you can bounce the ball off of that is not any higher than a street curb works fine. Take the ball, and experiment with the different parts of your foot. Hit it with your instep, upper inside, upper outside, backheel, etc. Experiment for about 3 minutes just hitting the ball against the curb with the different parts of your foot. Make sure the ball, once again, never goes too far to the side, or you miss a touch. The ball should never stop, it should be all one touches. After you are done experimenting, follow these drills.

1: Upper inside (R), Upper outside (R) X 5 times then, without a change of rhythm, do it with your left foot. Repeat this cycle for 5 minutes.

2: Lower inside (R), Lower inside (L) X 3 times, then instep (R), instep (L). Repeat for 5 minutes.

3: One touch the ball repeatedly against the wall using only one part of the foot, on only one foot, for 1 minute. After the minute is up, switch to a different part of the foot on the same leg. Once you are done with all parts of that foot, do the same with the other foot.

Drill number 3:

Take the ball and find a tree, pole, telephone pole, bucket, cone, or something that you can run circles around. Take the ball, and dribble in a circle around the tree, using both feet, and constantly switching areas of the foot that you are using. Switch directions every once in a while, and try different turns. Mainly experiment with your newfound touch. Pretend you are Ronnie, c. Ronaldo, Henry, whoever is your idol. Try their moves and be creative. You will get a feel for the ball.

Drill Number 4:

Take the ball onto an even surface that has no bumps, cars that pass through, poles, trees, or anything to bump into. Close your eyes, and start walking while slowly dribbling the ball. If you lose the ball out of your grasp, keep your eyes closed, and move your feet around looking for it. If you cannot find it, then open your eyes, retrieve it, and start over. Stop after 15 seconds, open your eyes, then turn around and repeat. Speed is not a factor. You can walk as slow as you want to, just concentrate on keeping the ball close. Whenever you start feeling comfortable, whether it takes one practice, or several weeks, notch up the speed just a little bit. Eventually, after a lot of work, you can jog around with your eyes closed while dribbling. Only do this drill 10 minutes a day.

Drill Number 5:

3) Take the ball and nudge it to the left with your outside of the foot, then bring it back in quickly with your inside of the foot. Repeat quickly. Change feet after 2.5 minutes. Only do this for 5 minutes.

If you finish these drills 5 days a week, you will definitely see some great improvements. Also this is a work and progress... so for now do these drills, and I will add more as I come across them. However all of the above are tested and true, so go right ahead. You will definitely notice increases in your dribbling, passing, and being able to connect with your sweet spot. Next time I get a chance I will add a bit about how to always make a spot on accurate shot.

Comments and criticisms welcome.

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