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Soccer Freestyle - Crossover Tutorial

In this Soccer Freestyle tutorial you'll learn how to do the Crossover trick

Explained more!
Here is a short yet helpful tutorial on how to do the crossover freestyle trick. Remember that reading this is not enough! You need to go out and practice!


With this trick you hit the ball while you jump with your legs crossed. The main key of this trick is the timing. You don’t need to jump high at all if your timing is correct. Try to jump as the ball is at knee-height. When you hit the ball, your other leg should already be over the ball. If the ball goes forward, try to jump slightly backwards so the ball comes straight up. Some freestylers do this trick with their good leg swinging over the ball, while others prefer to swing with their weaker leg. This depends on your own preference so try both ways and see what feels more comfortable for you.

Remember, reading this is not good enough. Go out and practice until you get the trick down. Good luck and feel free to leave a comment or post on our freestyle forum for further help.

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