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Soccer Goalies

The soccer goalies are the heroes of the team in the sport of soccer. They are the last line of defense and usually get the hardest bumps from opponents wanting to get past the defense for the goal. Goalies will do whatever it takes to keep away the ball from the goals; they dive even with the hardest ground just to defend the goal.

Soccer is not all about scoring goals but must also posses a good goalie in order to have greater chance of winning. Good goalies must have a strong leadership and confidence in order to encourage other team members to cooperate accordingly.

Goalies must be keen in analyzing and anticipating any attempts from the opponent. Another factor that can contribute to being an effective goalie is the ability to react in split seconds which is very crucial because a skilled striker can attack in the very least time unexpectedly.

A goalie should also have the proper stance or position ready to jump anytime the ball is shot for the goal. A powerful shot can be difficult to catch but with the proper technique it would be very easy for the goalie. The most common technique in catching is the "W" technique. This technique involves shaping the thumbs and fingers in a diamond like shape so as to provide the best support and helps in preventing the ball from slipping.

The soccer goalies are usually the best players in a team. They are fearless, tough and well respected because of the great importance of their role in the game.

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