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Fundamentals of Soccer

Fundamentals of Soccer

A few tips for young players, key aspects of the game to keep in mind, both defensively and and when attacking. Of course, don't forget to enjoy yourself when playing, try new things on the pitch and take players on. Look at Ronaldinho for example, he's deadly focused but at the same time he's having fun. A player who cares about his team. He's always smiling and cheering his teammates on. Above all, he wants the ball and wants to make things happen. That's infectious.

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* Keep high concentration at all times.
* Stay fit - endurance and strength.
* Be positive and play your best.
* Have realistic expectations of teammates.
* Communicate on the field (don't scream or blame each other).
* Have the ability to combine with players.
* Show creativity and vision.
* Play the way you're facing (play simple).


* Be aware at all times.
* Play smart and anticipate.
* Always get behind the ball on defense.
* Stay on the goal side when defending.
* When challenged, make the play predictable so your teammate can anticipate the next pass or play.
* To make a player commit, take a quick step forward and quickly back off using your body to block the run. Not obstructing the player but anticipating the play.
* When faced with a two on one: buy time until help arrives (concede space a bit of space, don't dive in); take away the pass and force the ball in one direction.
* Always recover centrally (toward the penalty spot).
* Always find a free player and mark-up.


* Keep it simple.
* Have vision of the entire field.
* Play the ball back when options are limited or dangerous.
* Always look around before collecting a pass.
* Have a first time pass in mind before collecting the ball.
* Be calm with the ball.
* Always be in position to support teammates.
* Give options to player with the ball (check in and check out asking for the ball).
* Keep your elbows up and use your body to protect and shield the ball.
* Take on players in offensive third of the field.
* Dribble toward defender until he leaves his mark then pass or beat him.

Key Training Tips

* Get lots of touches on the ball.
* Small sided games help develop creativity and skill (keep the training area small so players have less time on the ball, must make quick decisions and are always under pressure).

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