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Sole of the Foot Turn and the Scoop!

Try Performing the "Sole of the Foot Turn". Dribble straight ahead with the right foot and then pull the ball back with the bottom of your right foot, bursting away in the opposite direction with a change of pace.

Try performing the "Scoop" it! Tempt the defender into diving for the ball, and lift the ball over the defender's foot just as he or she dives in. This is usually done while feinting one way and then scooping the ball the other way, just over the defender's planted foot. Make sure to take off with a burst of speed after you lift the ball over the defender's foot. Often, you'll want to scoop or lift the ball over the defender's foot onto your other foot, so that your body will be between you and the defender after you make the move. Have the ball on your right foot and scoop it over the defender's foot to your left foot. Your body is then between the ball and the defender. This move is usually done when you're in an almost-standing position, and the defender is rushing at you, or you're suckering the defender in and then lifting the ball over his or her foot as he or she comes towards you too fast.

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