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Shooting Guide

1. Approach the ball from an angle - the power in shooting comes from your midsection (Abs and lower back). Trying to rely on leg power will cause you to swing to hard, resulting in inaccuracy.

2. Take small steps on your toes as you approach, long strides will usually put your body in the wrong position as you strike the ball.

3. Place your non-kicking foot even with the ball, but not touching it. There should be about a ball's width worth of space between your foot and the ball. It is important to plant next to the ball though, because planting behind it will cause the ball to rise, while planting in front of it will cause you to "top" the ball. Point the toes of your non kicking foot at your target, this will direct the ball. Adjust that foot position with the non kicking foot. Not even with the ball make it a few inches more in front of the ball then even. Get your head over the ball and drive through the ball with a bended knee.

4. Keep your body going forward - do not lean back or away from the ball - staying 'over the ball' will help to keep it from rising or tailing off to one side or the other.

5. Strike the ball with your toes pointed down and ankle locked - try curling your toes under as if you were trying to pick up a sock. Curling toes under does two things, first it gets the hardest part of your foot to stiffen - your toes - out of the way. Second it causes the tendons in your ankle to lock..... try wiggling your foot around with your toes curled under, you can't do it.
Curl the toes
Point foot down
Strike with top of foot or "laces".

6. Follow through with striking foot. After you strike the ball, follow through with a little hop on your plant foot, and land with your kicking foot pointed at the target. Stopping halfway, or chopping of the shooting movement, usually leads to bad shooting posture and a shot that sails high and/or wide of the target.

Most important is not trying to hit the ball too hard. Instead, make sure you are hitting the ball solidly, with good technique.
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