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Most of you guys know this simple drill. Run at full speed to the cone, open your hips, plant your foot and "explode" like you are exploding away from a defender. It is very game realistic since it mimics the movements you will make on the soccer field.

The Drill:
Set up 10 cones diagonally to each other about 10 metres apart, just like in the picture. Follow the correct technique above. You spring to cone 1, then 2, then 3....

The next drill is is a bit more complicated:

There's no name for it, so i'll call it the Jdefoe Drill

Here is goes:

Place 4 cones to make 4 lines that are 3 metres apart in witdth in a squarelike shape. Then, place 4 cones in the middle.
X1 ________3m____________X2



(Length and width are both 4m, therefore the dimensions are 4x4)
X= a cone
Start at cone 1, sprint to the middle, take a cone, and put it right next to cone 4, then run back into the centre and take the next cone and bring it to cone 3, then do the same and bring it to cone 3, then cone 4. When the sequence is over, go back to cone one, take the cone that you placed next to cone 1, and bring it back to the centre. Do this until all the original cones are back in the middle.

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